Peter JT White

Assistant Professor,
Lyman Briggs College &

The Department of Entomology,
Michigan State University


pwhite [at] msu [dot] edu

By Mail:
Michigan State University
Lyman Briggs College
919 E. Shaw Ln, Room E35
East Lansing, MI 48825-3804

In Person:
East Holmes Hall Rm 193-A (Office)
Natural Sciences Building Rm 444/448 (Lab)




I have dual research interests in ecology and science education. With regards to the former, I investigate the biotic and abiotic drivers of Lepidoptera assemblage diversity, richness and abundance over moderate temporal and spatial scales. With regards to the latter, I am working on a project to develop and test integrative cases in evolution education; the materials we have developed can be found on our evolution education website:

Although I am an ecologist by training, I currently teach Introductory Cell and Molecular Biology along with a graduate course in insect genetics.

Recent and Current Projects

NSF Funded DRK12 Project: Connected Biology - Developing and implementing evolution curriculum in K-12 science classrooms.

White, P. J. T. (in press) An aerial approach to investigating the relationships between macromoths and nighttime lights across an urban landscape. Journal of Agriculture and Urban Entomology

Wonderlin, N.E., Ross, L.R. and White, P. J. T. (2017) Construction and performance of a novel capture-mark-release moth trap. Great Lakes Entomologist 50: 27-32.

White et al., (2016) The technical and performance characteristics of a low-cost simply constructed, black light moth trap. Journal of Insect Science 16(1): 25; 1-9. (Click here to read the article)


- Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching, Entomological Society of America, North Central Branch
- AT&T Award of Excellence, Best Blended Course, Michigan State University

- Honorary Faculty Certificate for Dedication to Teaching and Learning, Lyman Briggs College, Michigan State University

Information for Students

Undergraduate Students: I often have summer positions available and am always willing to take on students who are interested in volunteering.

Graduate Students: Current graduate student opening.

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